Process Improvement

Think of me like you think of your stock broker or financial planner. My goal is to help you maximize the return on every dollar you spend on your business just like your broker’s goal is to maximize the return on every dollar you invest in your retirement account.

Would you be satisfied if your investment portfolio was returning 5% if it could be returning 11%? What if you didn’t know that 11% was possible? You probably would be satisfied with the 5% return. I have a term for this situation, “Satisfactory Underperformance.”

Is your business suffering from “Satisfactory Underperformance?” Do you know if you are leaving money on the table due to inefficiencies in your process or wastes that you are not aware of? Think of me like the stock broker for your business process portfolio.

I help owners, managers and leaders identify and implement improvement opportunities that maximize the bottom line return on each dollar spent in the business. I utilize a process which combines elements of the Scientific Method, Lean and Six Sigma in a way that engages your team in a collaborative partnership with me to ensure that your improvements are sustained through time.