Mental Materialization

Think of me like your financial planner. In the same way your financial planner consults with you to maximize the return on the money you invest, say in a retirement account, I work with you to maximize the fulfillment and happiness in your life by helping you understand the power of your thoughts and how to direct your thoughts to materialize what you desire to experience.

Your thoughts are like the various stocks that make up your IRA account. Some stocks deliver a higher rate of return than others. Your goal is to make as much money as possible for each dollar you invest so naturally you would want to invest in the stocks that deliver the highest return. If you view your thoughts like stocks then you would also want to invest more time and energy into those thoughts which would lead to the most positive, happy, profitable outcome in your physical reality.

Thoughts are energy and form the blueprint for the reality we each experience in life. What we experience in physical reality is rooted in what we pay attention to and focus on in our minds. How we invest our thought energy has a direct correlation to what we experience in physical reality. Together with me, we will analyze your thought portfolio and develop a strategy to focus your mind on those thoughts which are in alignment with the experiences you wish to materialize in your life.

I help you uncover and believe in the greater possibilities available to you. I help you move from being “satisfied” with what you think you deserve to experience to a whole new world of moving beyond your arbitrarily established boundaries into the world of your full potential life experiences.