Mark Boldizar Law of AttractionHave you ever tried to make an improvement which started out well only to lose steam through time and ultimately reverted back to its original state? If you said yes you are not alone. Implementing improvements and most importantly making them stick is difficult work. The traditional ways of driving both corporate and personal improvements are in need of innovation. Innovation is Mark’s passion and he wants to share this passion with the world.

Mark specializes in the practical application of technical principles to deliver tangible real-world results both in business and personal settings. Mark is trained as a scientist with over 29 years of experience in the corporate world. He has applied his skills worldwide including in Europe, Asia and North America. His ability to see the big picture combined with his practical process improvement skills provides a unique and effective approach to solving problems and driving sustainable improvements.

Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Saint Francis University before embarking on his corporate career. His lifelong passion for asking questions, which by the way drove his mother crazy, led him to ponder why seemingly simple process improvements would not readily transfer from one site to another similar site within the same company. Mark’s decades of study into the power of thoughts to create reality have led him to a controversial hypothesis that answers that question. Individual and collective organizational thoughts make or break potential improvement or change efforts. As we think so we create.

Mark is a strong proponent of the Science of Mind philosophy by Ernest Holmes. The core of this philosophy is that thoughts have energy and this thought energy is the basis for the physical reality experienced at the individual as well as the organizational level.  Ernest Holmes viewed this creative energy of thought as a fundamental scientific principle that can be engaged just like any other scientific principle.

Mark has developed a unique approach to this principle postulated by Holmes which enables one to work with the principle in a structured and measurable way. Mark blends basic process improvement tools with the essence of the scientific method in a simple approach which can be used to engage this creative thought principle in both business and operational improvement efforts in addition to organizational and personal improvement efforts.

Mark’s visionary, out of the box combination of traditional process improvement tools along with his newly developed data-based process to engage the power of thought in the improvement process provides the solution to translating similar improvements to multiple sites and most importantly provides the key to long-term sustainability of any improvement, business or personal.

Mark welcomes the opportunity to work with corporate, small business and individual clients alike. If you are looking for a new and innovative way to take control of your results Mark is looking forward to working with you.