Process Improvement & Problem Solving

I help companies improve any process or solve any problem utilizing a simple, proprietary technology based upon the scientific method incorporating proven statistical and Lean tools.

Mental Materialization Method (M3)

I help you understand and utilize the creative energy and power of your thoughts to take control of your life and to become a powerful, collaborative influence in the lives of your family and friends.

Sports Advantage

I help individual athletes, teams, and coaches achieve breakthrough levels of performance by harnessing the creative power of thoughts and emotions in a proprietary process rooted in the scientific method. The incorporation of intentionally focused thought and feeling energies into the overall training program of an athlete or team provides the ultimate edge over the competition.

Would you like to improve your performance in the sport or activity you love?
Has your business come to accept “satisfactory under-performance” and does it need significant improvement?
Are you looking to change and experience something new?

If you are looking to change but are not sure how to start, the Mental Materialization Method (M3) is an easy to follow roadmap for positive change.

What I Do …

I help individuals, teams, and businesses realize full potential achievements and results by combining elements of the scientific method with the creative power of focused thought and emotional energies.

My unique approach to improvement is universally applicable to any process or situation. Whether you are an individual seeking to find health, happiness or wealth; or an athlete or coach looking to raise performance to the highest level; or a business looking to move to new and more profitable results, my data-based improvement system will help you breakthrough to your full potential and beyond.

Mental Materialization Method

I’ve developed a system called the Mental Materialization Method. My system provides a structured approach to help guide individuals, teams, or businesses to engage the creative power of their minds and thoughts into the physical process of change and delivering real-world improvements. The mental and physical are united as one and change, especially sustainable change, is only possible when organizations or individuals not only understand this but utilize the combination of the mental and physical when undertaking change and improvement efforts.

My decades of experience in improvement and change efforts around the world have led businesses to multi-million-dollar improvements to their financial returns and individuals, including myself, to achievements not thought possible before engaging the powerful blend of the physical sciences with the tangible creative energy of focused thought.

I invite you to explore my site for more specifics of how I can provide the assistance you are seeking. Whether it be purely process improvement for your business or process or assistance with materializing new physical realities in your personal life or a combination of both, I am confident that I will be able to assist you.

If you would like to explore how we might collaborate to materialize your full potential, please contact me to schedule an introductory consultation.

What others say about Mark

“Mark has a unique talent for thinking expansively and seeing all of the possibilities, both within and outside of the box.  This, coupled with his extensive background in Innovation, Operations and Quality, enable him to both formulate and execute impactful Innovation Strategies.  He seeks out the best solutions and makes the right connections between internal and external capabilities to quickly turn strategy into reality.  His far-reaching vision enables him to articulate and drive multi-generational product launches, all the while learning and refining along the way.”

“I am very fortunate to have worked closely with Mark for the past several years.  Mark is a highly-skilled problem solver who has a unique and effective approach to innovation.  His ability to “broker” networks of skilled professionals for linking thoughts, concepts and technologies is uncanny and has produced value-added products and solutions.  Most impressive is Mark’s way of understanding a problem or “space”, quickly assessing the current state, and identifying areas to focus and work with a very strategic mindset.  Not only did Mark serve as a teacher and mentor to his colleagues and employees, but he also provided very open, collaborative and creative environment in which these people thrived to create value.  I would highly endorse Mark for any company, project or functional team looking to think differently, challenge paradigms and build effective strategies.”